Spravato New Treatment for Depression

Integrity Mental Health will start offering a Spravato-new treatment for depression that hasn’t responded to previous treatments. Spravato is a nasal spray that is given in the office one to two times per week. After each treatment the client must remain in the clinic to be monitored for two to three hours. Spravato is esketamine which is part of the ketamine molecule. There has been much talk about the use of esketamine for the treatment of depression. There have been very few breakthroughs in the treatment of depression. Ketamine which is the parent molecule of esketamine has been used off label for the treatment of depression for the last few years. The biggest issue with the use of ketamine is that it requires an IV for each treatment and since it is off label insurance won’t cover the cost of ketamine treatments. Spravato on the other hand is FDA approved which means that insurances may cover the cost of the treatment. It also means that the trials were done to show the effectiveness and the side effects for the use of the medication in the treatment of depression. There have been many people waiting for a new treatment for depression to come out. This is the newest treatment available for those who have not responded to other treatments. Here is a link to stories of people that have tried Spravato: https://www.spravato.com/patient-stories

If you would like more information about the treatment we would invite you to make an appointment with either Brig or Gayle to be evaluated for possible treatment with Spravato and also to discuss possible benefits and risks of treatment. Spravato-new treatment for depression is available at Integrity Mental Health. Please call our office for an appointment and more information. https://mentalhealthboise.com/contact/